Ribbons and Bows Playlist

Ribbons and bows are back so here’s a playlist and guide to all things frilly!

I read a Vogue article last month, and it just confirmed to me what I’ve been feeling for some time: Bows are Back in Style! And I couldn’t be happier about it! There’s something so gorgeous about ribbons and bows, frills and charms! All the pastel pink and deep, rich red your heart could desire! I feel like the grinch- my heart grows three sizes everytime I see a ribbon-adorned something or other. Don’t even get me started on the silly, coquette, “This is me if you even care” trend on TikTok. It’s everything to me. 

Gracie Abrams recently released a new single “Cedar” (for the new Apple series Buccaneers). The atmospheric piano and absolutely-sway-worthy drum-line, and of course Gracie’s signature dainty vocals, painted vivid scenes for me. Sprawling fields of lavender, cozy, sunlit bedrooms with thin linen curtains, and sweet, embroidered, bedsheets. And beautiful, draped, ribbons and bows on anything and everything (including your Taco Bell order). If I could live inside any song, it’d be this one. So when I heard it, and it rocked my world, I set to work curating the perfect playlist for fostering these idyllic daydreams. I present to you “Ribbons and Bows.” 

The Playlist

DOWNLOAD: “Ribbons and Bows” playlist on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube

Another featured song is “Useless Information” by the lovely Avery Lynch. This doll’s beautifully simple (so therefore, utterly heartbreaking) lyrics cut to the bone! As well as Katie Gregson-MacLeod’s “i’m worried it will always be you” (and a couple others from her “Songs Written for Piano” EP. You guys this EP takes my breath away every time). Morgan Harper-Jones’ cover of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” which, I’ll have you know, put stars in the eyes of not only my sisters and I, but also my mama, and that is an impressive feat! And finally, my own little ballad “Cups, Bowls & Vases” which came out this summer!

A couple of ribbons and bows and little things I watercolored

Now you’re probably saying, “Well, Attalie, now we have sweet, ribbon-y bow, goodness for our ears, but how about some visuals to go along with it?” To which I say “One step ahead of you babes.” Here’s the link to the pinterest board LOL! 

The “Ribbons and Bows” Role Models

Some of my favorite arbiters of this lacy, frilly, ribbon and bow aesthetic are Lina Sun Park (have you seen the fabulous image of the croissant with a baby blue bow laced through it? That’s her work!), Lana Del Rey (I mean, c’mon, that’s a given), and once again Gracie Abrams. Similar to the Taylor Swift concert culture phenomenon of bringing friendship bracelets and painting 13s on your hand for her shows (a phenomenon that I am an active part of) Gracie Abrams fans will show up to her performances with hair ribbons and bows (…and twilight merchandise, and wiener dog stickers, etc.) 

In Fabulous Conclusion

Basically all this to say, I like ribbons and bows a lot! I’m loving their presence in media and culture right now, and that playlist up there is and has been my favorite playlist for a WHILE! 

XOXO, Attalie

Oh! P.S. here’s this ridiculous camouflage ribbon phone case I found, it’s truly atrocious and too good to not include. I love it. 

DOWNLOAD: “Ribbons and Bows” playlist on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube

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