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Attalie Anne’s relatable, catchy sound will leave every listener humming her hooks for days. Her first song, “Things I Said,” was written at age 14, and released when she was 16, on her first EP, by the same name, in November 2021. (LISTEN NOW)

Attalie grew up in a home surrounded by cameras and creativity, with a mom who is a designer and lifestyle blogger. She inherited her Dad’s diverse music tastes, enjoying everything from Classic Rock and Indie to French Pop. She is an avid playlist creator, with over 229 playlists and counting. Her father sent her off to sleep singing lullaby versions of Johnny Cash and church hymns.

When Attalie was 14, she bought a ukulele and learned some basic chords from a friend. While she enjoyed strumming her favorite cover tunes, her ukulele (she named Ooku) provided an outlet for music she didn’t even realize was stirring within. Drawing from a book of poetry she had been writing for years, Attalie began structuring her songs.

Not merely a songwriter, but a writer in general, Attalie enjoys reading and doodling almost as much as she loves listening to music. She loves language and collecting unusual words and character names for the stories she creates. Lyrical quips and puns are her cup of tea. The plays on words and quirky twists in her lyrics are a delight to experience.


April 2024 – “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” Cover Press Release (PDF file)

June 2023 – New Single “Cups Bowls & Vases” is the Perfect Wedding Song (PDF file)

June 2023 – Pre-Order Launches for Attalie Anne’s new single “Cups Bowls & Vases

Nov 2022 – Attalie Anne Interview – Story Behind Things I Said EP (YouTube)

Nov 2022 – “Blue Suede Shoes” Cover Press Release (PDF file)

Sep 2022 – Pre-Order Launches for Attalie Anne’s Elvis Cover – “Blue Suede Shoes”

Apr 2022 – Attalie Performs “Things I Said” at Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock (YouTube)

Feb 2022 – Watch Attalie Live at Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock (YouTube)

Oct 2021 – Things I Said EP Press Release (PDF file)

Oct 2021 – Things I Said EP Fact Sheet (PDF file)

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