10 Unique Song Lyric Gift Ideas for Music Lovers 2024

In my very humble (and correct) opinion, lyrics are the best! I LOVE lyrics. As a songwriter, writing the lyrics is the step I feel most excited for. They’re are often where most (not all!) of the storytelling takes place in a song, and I love getting to feel challenged in my wordsmithing. Chances are, if you’ve ended up on this corner of the internet, you or someone you love also has a special place in their heart for the lyrical side of music. I’ve curated a list of 10 unique song lyric gift ideas that you can refer back to whenever it’s time to show off those gift-giving skills.

1. Personalized Song Lyric Plate 

For a long time I associated decorative plates with grandma-ish interior design, or Umbridge’s office in the fifth Harry Potter. Both not being something I’d wanted to emulate in my own life, let alone give as a gift. But I recently went down a Pinterest rabbit hole of really cutie decorative plates and platters. (Here’s the Pinterest board, darling) The cheekiness and sass in both the design aspect and the words they used on these plates made me fall in love. (I’m on track to be the next generation of grandma). So of course for our list I had to include this great idea. Serve up a side of nostalgia with a personalized song lyric plate! How cute would it be for a wedding gift or a wedding anniversary present to have the chorus of your first dance song on a (well-designed, mind you) plate! Or what about for your sibling? A cheeky line from the “Sisters” song in ‘White Christmas’ could be so funny! (For some cute plates check out Tricia Lowenfield on Etsy

2. QR Code Poster

QR codes are awesome. Truly they are. The ability to scan a little shape with your phone camera and have it take people to a special song is so awesome. You can bring lyrics to life with an interactive poster! It’s perfect for your home studio or workplace, and you could also get one as a birthday gift for a friend LOL. (Depending on how important this friendship is, you could also get one that Rickrolls them, but it’s been known to ruin relationships so tread lightly.) And I wanna express that this option is not only available for posters. There are tons of artisans and creators (just look on Etsy) that have designed all sorts of products (i.e. keychains, t-shirts, jewelry, etc.) using QR codes!

3. Song Lyric Candle 

On TikTok there’s been much debate over big lights vs. little lights (or ambient lighting). “Big lights” is the term for pretty much all overhead lighting, while little lights are anything from candles, to lamps, to windows. The argument being that overhead lighting (especially when it’s cool as opposed to warm) feels sterile and unwelcoming, but little lights are comfortable and inviting. If you can’t tell by the tone of my former sentence, I am a little light fan, so maybe this is a little biased, but c’est la vie. Now, I know candles are a super common cop-out gift, but what if I told you there’s a way you can personalize them to make the sweetest little present. A custom lyric inspired candle, with lines from their favorite tunes on the jar (or painted on the candle, with colored wax) is so special. I, personally, would be super happy to receive this gift. (Also, may I just say, candles are a popular gift for a reason. Candles are the best. I will not be argued with on this point.)

4. Lyric-Engraved Coffee Mug

I know, I know, again with the basic gift ideas. And hey, you’re gonna have to use your own discretion in deciding if any of these ideas will be a good fit for your loved one, but I thought a good old fashioned coffee mug deserved a mention on our list. One of my best friends, from high school and beyond, loved receiving mugs so much that her parents actually had to put a limit on her due to lack of cabinet space. Starting her day with the lyrics to one of her favorite songs on a mug could be the perfect gift for her. It’s a daily reminder of the special moments associated with that particular song. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or as a unique birthday gift.

5. Custom Lyric Print 

Transform your favorite song lyrics into a vibrant and personalized lyric print! Whether it’s for anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, or another special occasion, a custom print is a perfect way to encapsulate the special song lyrics from your loved ones favorite tune. Maybe it’s for your spouse? A poster or an art print with your wedding song lyrics on it would make for a really special and unique piece of wall art, and a great gift. Or perhaps you’re trying to find a special gift for your best friend! A personalized print in vibrant color with the lyrics of a special song from your teenage years could do just the trick! 

a present with music notes surrounding it for song lyric gift ideas

6. Custom Playlist

Playlists are the modern mixtapes. Creating a custom playlist of songs that remind you of your loved one is pretty dang heartwarming. This is probably the move if you’re trying to make them fall in love with you, because I’d say it’s got like a 90% chance of working. Especially if you use a really cute picture of them, or the two of you together as the cover art. And if you’re not trying to make them fall for you….boring, but also this is still one of the sweetest and personal gifts you could give. (And also, here is a little doodle I did! Do you like it?)

7. Song Title Jewelry 

We wear jewelry as representations of so many important things. Personal initials, significant others’ initials, dates of birth, anniversaries, and angel numbers. The list goes on! So why not add important songs? Capture the essence of your favorite song with jewelry inspired by its title. Whether necklaces or rings, this personalized accessory makes for a really fun piece in their collection.

8. Album Cover Puzzle

Okay so! It’s probably been done before, but I’ve never seen it done before, and I want to. People will get custom puzzles of family pictures or wedding bridals ALL THE TIME! They’re really cute and special, but here’s what I really want: a puzzle of my favorite album’s cover art! Like, how fun is that?? In two years I might regret my fashion choices in that one family picture, but I can hardly recount a time when I’ve done a full 180° and ended up strongly disliking an album I used to love. I just feel like you tend to still at least have an appreciation, if not lots of love and affection for a once favorite album, even after your music taste has changed. Imagine! You could be solving the puzzle WHILE LISTENING TO IT! Some kind of album Inception.

9. Lyric-Inspired T-shirt 

This is another classic answer, but you’ve got to love a good T-shirt! You do have to be wary of the tacky ones, but a cute shirt with the lyrics of your favorite song is hard to go wrong with. Another good thing about them is that even if your friend doesn’t wear them often in their personal style, they’re still going to have a use for a t-shirt! Even if just for comfy clothes! It’s a win-win situation.

lyric inspired white t-shirt with pink bows on it for song lyric gift ideas
Image by Lulu Drawww

10. Song Lyric Scrapbook 

Okay, this one would definitely be more work than all the others on this list, but it has the capacity to be really, very, super, special! The basic idea of it is kind of like a vision board collage, but in book form. You can certainly take lots of creative liberties when deciding how to go about it. The way I envisioned was essentially dedicating pages to songs that are special to them and then printing, and pasting, and writing, and drawing lots of little doodles, and thoughts, and memories, and pictures that those songs and lyrics evoke in a little notebook or scrapbook.

And scene…

So, on your pursuit to find the perfect present for your music lover, these unique song lyric gift ideas will hopefully strike the right note (forgive my puns). Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a way to treat them, the thought and effort that’s going into it is really incredible. So go ahead, celebrate your favorite lyrics! I hope this list can help!

XOXO, Attalie

P.S. There wasn’t really a place for it on this list, but this custom album cover poster on amazon is so cute and pretty inexpensive! Okay- love you, bye!

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